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Six8 Clothing Co was born out of frustration over the lack of assortment in tall men’s clothing.

After working for 15+ years in men’s casual clothing, it was very apparent that clothes for tall men were hard to find and not high on the priority list of the major fashion labels.

Six8’s goal is to fill that gap and offer tall men’s clothing, exclusively designed by tall man, for the tall man.

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Dress well, Live Tall!
At first glance, you might say "Dress well, Live Tall? What does that mean?". But then it hits you: this is not about size, as much as it's about attitude.Here at Six-8, we're proud of our height, knowing that every inch of us is uniquely created to make a difference in this world. "Live Tall" means taking on life to the fullest, every single day! It means being thankful for all the opportunities that are in front of us and not wasting a single one!
"Dress well" means not having to put up with ill-fitting clothing any longer.
Dress well, Live Tall.

Six-8 Clothing Company.


Dress well, Live Tall.
Six 8 Clothing Co
5803 176th Drive SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

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